Sunday, April 26, 2015

C4k Summary and Comments April

Peyton's Blog
Peyton's blog post was about delicious bagel bites. She likes to have them for lunch and her favorite bagel bites are the pepperoni flavored.
Great post about bagel bites Peyton. I've never tried them but they must be good because you made a blog post about them. Keep up the good work!

Carson's Blog
Carson's blog post was about left handed people.
Work on your grammar.

C4C #13

Janelle J's Blog

I enjoyed your blog post. Your blog post about an influential person in your life was a good choice.

Blog Post #5 Pt. 2

PLNs Summary

I created my PLN through Sybaloo.  My PLN is currently equipped with necessities, such as, YouTube, Gmail, Google, Twitter and many more search engines and great websites. There are also other icons on my PLN that I personally use for shopping such as Walmart, Target, Ebay, and Amazon, just to name a few. There are entertainment icons on my PLN, such as, Netflix, Skype, and Facebook. Personal Learning Networks help future and current teachers and students learn new, exciting things on their own. PLNs give the students and teachers freedom. Creativity flows through PLNs.  You can pin any website on your own PLN and begin learning.  I have worked through my PLN throughout the semester and I will continue to work through my PLN even after this semester. PLNs are a great source of learning. PLNs are great!

Blog Post #14

1.Pick from the best
2.Seniority distraction

According to Joel Klein, in Teaching our children can be a profession: Column, there are ways for teaching to be a profession. There are a list of problems that hinder teachers from being as good as they can be. The following problems and solutions can help teachers be better teachers. First teaching is not professionalized, according to Klein. He believes that teachers should begin with academic training for prospective teachers. Recruiting the top third of all graduates ensures above satisfactory academic training from prospective teachers, rather than anyone with a degree become a teacher. This is called "picking from the best." Second, Joel Klein says that we should change how we reward teachers. He says that teachers are "interchangeable." The seniority distraction is a major problem. The more experienced teachers teach in the nicer schools with more privileged students whereas the inexperienced teachers teach in school where there are poor students.
All of these points are significant to the fact that teaching can be a profession. If we give above satisfactory academic training to prospective teachers then our teachers will be better teachers. I do not agree with "picking from the best." It is not fair to prospective teachers that give their all in everything they do academic to fall short because some other prospective teacher is smarter than them. This should be re addressed for all prospective teachers.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

C4k #10

Connor's Blog
This is a great post Connor! Your grammar was correct and the post was straight to the point. This is a well-written blog post. Keep up the good work!